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3 Natural Tips to Prolong Your Lovemaking

Today many couples are searching the best way to prolong their lovemaking. There’re many ways that you can attempt to reach this goal. I think that the best way to prolong your sex is by taking the natural ways. How to prolong your lovemaking naturally? In this article, I’ll recommend you some natural and easy ways to prolong your sexual lovemaking

Do regular exercise


The great stamina and body shape have proven to improve the sex quality. For a man, you must have the strong hand and feet to do some sexual position. The strong bones will definitely prolong your sexual lovemaking. To gain some muscles, you can do some exercises at the gym or your home. You can also do regular sport to gain the great abs. These exercise will also increase your blood flow, including the blood flow to your penis. This will obviously make your sex time longer.

You can also try the kegels exercise. This great type of exercise will give you a better bladder control. It will also make your erection longer.

Eat Healthy Food

Eat Healthy Food

The vegetables and fruits are really useful to prolong your sex time. If you’re eating much veggies and fruits, you’ll gain more stamina from their nutrients.

You can try to eat a banana before sex. Banana contains potassium and glucose that will boost your stamina.

You can also drink gooseberry juice to help you last longer in bed. Drinking this juice every day will also increase your sperm quality because it contains iron and zinc.

The strawberry is also useful to improve your sex time. Strawberry has high glucose and zinc that will significantly increase your sex time. Besides, you need to consider to avoid the unhealthy food. You shouldn’t eat any processed sugar because it will obviously reduce your stamina.

Healthy lifestyle


Your lifestyle will define your sex time. If you have such a healthy lifestyle, you’ll get a great sex experience. You need to get enough sleep to improve your lovemaking period. The research shows that men with who sleep less than 5 hours will have the low testosterone level. So, if you want to prolong your sex, you need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

You also need to stop smoking. Smoking has proven to reduce your blood flow to the penis. To get erected, you need a healthy heart and blood vessel. If you don’t have the good blood flow, especially to your penis, your sex will never last longer.