3 Common Erection Causes

Nowadays many men who face some different kind of fertilization problems. Some of them are experiencing the erection problems. This problems can be the serious issue that will impact their sex experience and their relationship. There’re some possible ways to cure this problems. But before you’re taking actions, you need to know exactly the causes of your erection problem. What are the causes of erection dysfunction? SizeAnswers.com will explain you about the common causes of problems in men below.

Alcohol and Smoking


It has been known that the unhealthy lifestyle can lead us to a sexual problem. Drinking much alcohol can cause the erection problem for you. If you drink a lot of alcohol, it will damage your body and impact your erection. Alcohol will work just like depressant, and it will depress your erection. Alcohol can also cause you the high blood pressure and obesity problems that will also lead you to erectile dysfunction. To get rid of erection problem, you need to start reducing your alcohol intake.

Smoking habit will also cause you erection problems. The nicotine, a substance in your cigarette, can limit your blood flow system, and it will limit the blood flow to your penis. A study reveals that smoking contributes in men low sex drive. It’s said that 87% to 97% of men with erection problem are smokers.

Medication Side Effects


The wrong medications will also lead you to a sexual problem. There’re some common medicines that will cause you erection problems, such as heart medicines, pain medicines, decongestants, antidepressant and blood pressure medicines. You need to check to your doctor about the prescribed medicines that will give you erection problem.

Physiological issues

Your unhealthy mind will also contribute in your erection problem. If you’re having some mental disorders like depression, anxiety, stress and other mental issues, you’ll have more possibility to get erection problem. Those mental issues will make you keep thinking negatively, and then these feelings will distract you from the things that will usually arise you. If you have relationship issues like the bad past relationship, it will also cause you the erection problem.